Dolce Gusto® Speaker Stands

Published: 05/01/2014

I love music, and strive to get the best sound I can out of the equipment I own. I have a pair of JBL Control One speakers, powered by a Lepai LP-2020A+ amp. Both of these are excellent pieces of kit, but my speakers used to sit at desk level, which is much lower than my ears. This isn't optimal speaker placement and means that the speakers required quite a lot of volume before they began to sound good, which isn't ideal when you live in university halls and need to be mindful of your flatmates.

The audiocheck website has a bunch of tests to help you achieve optimal speaker placement. Speakers are supposed to be placed with the tweeters about ear height, with your head in the centre of the stereo image (i.e. equidistant from each speaker). It turns out that two Dolce Gusto® coffee boxes make my speakers at the perfect height:

left right

The sound is definitely much clearer, and better in general than it was before at all volumes, with zero extra cost!